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MOES-350 product case
MOES-350 product case
  The MOES-350 airborne optoelectronic pod is a two-axis four-frame gyro stabilized platform, which can carry a variety of optical loads according to user needs, including visible light cameras, infrared thermal imaging cameras, laser rangefinders, laser finder, and laser lighting Cameras, spectroscopic cameras, broadcasting-grade cameras, etc.   This photoelectric pod can not only meet the military needs of day and night surveillance and strikes in the target area, but also meet the civilian needs of forest protection, fire protection, emergency support, and agricultural and forestry monitoring. Compared with traditional civilian pod products, MOSE-350 has a stable accuracy of up to 20urad, which can ensure that the 300mm focal length camera outputs clear and stable images; the built-in image tracker can achieve target locking and tracking; the built-in integrated navigation system can achieve Geographical coordinate positioning of the target point, the positioning accuracy is better than 5mil;   The MOES-350 optoelectronic pod has moderate size and weight, military quality, and high cost performance. It has been successfully mounted on a variety of UAVs, manned aircraft, floating air balloons and other aviation carriers, in military reconnaissance, anti-terrorism exercises, security monitoring, customs Anti-smuggling, emergency rescue, geographic surveying and mapping, agriculture and forestry monitoring and other fields have excellent performance.

MOES-350 product case

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