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"Chang'e 5" successfully launched, striving to realize the four "firsts" of China's aerospace

  CCTV News: The Chang'e Project has previously completed the missions of Chang'e 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 T1 testers. Each mission has made a breakthrough on the basis of the previous mission. The mission of the "Chang'e 5" is to strive to achieve China's four "firsts."   Automatic sampling on the lunar surface for the first time   In this mission, the "Chang'e-5" lander and ascender will automatically complete the lunar soil collection on the surface of the moon and package the samples into the ascender. As the first sampling, taking more and taking less is not the key point, it is success if you get it.   Take off for the first time from the moon   After the "Chang'e 5" landing complex completes sampling, the ascender will take off from the lunar surface to bring the samples into orbit around the moon. This is the first time that a spacecraft in my country has launched from the lunar surface.   The first unmanned rendezvous and docking in the lunar orbit 380,000 kilometers away   After the ascender rises to the orbit around the moon, it will rendezvous and dock with the orbiter and returner assembly, and transfer the collected samples to the returner. Previously, the rendezvous and docking carried out by our country were carried out on the orbit around the earth, and the rendezvous and docking on the orbit around the moon is farther and more challenging.   For the first time, the lunar soil returned to Earth at a speed close to the second universe   Although returning to Earth at a second cosmic speed close to 11.2 km/s is not a new subject of my country's aerospace engineering, the returnr carries precious lunar soil, which puts forward higher requirements for the safety of the returner.

Company team building activities 丨 Ride the wind and waves to forge ahead together, concentrate on and start again

  The last group trip was in May last year, and the last group dinner was in July last year. During this period of hard work, hard work, and continuous achievement, some people came and some walked. Thank old employees for their dedication and company. At the same time, new colleagues are welcome to join. Talking about wine and joy, life is geometric, free and easy, and happy. In 2020, we will brave the wind and waves to forge ahead together, and set out again!     The sky is clear and the air is clear and the breeze is smooth. On August 21, 2020, the company organized a team building activity at Yuetan Villa. Everyone had a pleasant and meaningful day together.   Everyone relieved all the pressure,   Enjoy and conquer!   In this bright spring day,   Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the comfort of slow life.     Tug of War     Tear the famous brand competition   Highlights of the game   Self-service BBQ   Food is an indispensable taste in life,   It is an indispensable content of team building activities,   After intense games,   Everyone has consumed a lot of energy,   At this time, have a barbecue meal   Come and treat yourself hungry,   Is the best,   Everyone changed the situation of the previous competition and duel,   Become a barbecue chef in seconds, show your skills,   Exchange barbecue skills with each other and share their barbecue results,   Usually it seems that the ten fingers do not touch the sun and spring water,   The taste of grilling is not inferior to the barbecue restaurant.   Laughter and laughter linger in the air with plumes of smoke,   It’s so lively eating all kinds of grilled skewers that I personally grilled.     Burning is a common goal and wish to stir   Roasting is the blossom and result of struggle time   Tongshi Optoelectronics is a witness to your growth   Bonfire and fireworks     If you feel that after eating barbecue,   Our team building activities should be over,   Then you guessed wrong,   The activities of our Vision are comprehensive and "dramatic".   bonfire   We use laughter and laughter to dispel the tension of the past,   Through this team building activity,   Not only relieves everyone’s work pressure,   It also promotes the tacit understanding and collaboration between the teams,   Enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the entire team.   The Tongshi family will also be more united,   Work harder and strive for success in 2020!
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